Herbal remedies benefits

With the Holiday season around the corner, how do you deal with stress? Well, herbal remedies can help! Herbal remedies encompass a vast range of products and medications. Some of these have been created recently based on scientific research, and   Read More »

Girly Mondays: Featured Posts!


Bonjour pretty friends! Thank you very much for all the tutorials and tips shared at the previous Girly Mondays link party, I had a lovely time visiting your blogs and learning a few tricks here and there. I have to   Read More »

Girly Mondays link party #2


Bonjour pretty friends and welcome to my Girly Mondays link party! I would like to thank all the lovely bloggers who took part in my first {ever} link party last week, your posts were great and I had a lot   Read More »

Beauty & hairstyle routine video


As you can see from this beauty tutorial video created by Amber for PrettySpots.com, you can lead a very busy life and still manage to look fresh and pretty in less than 15 minutes! Try and find some versatile hairstyle   Read More »

Salmon cakes with dill sauce


Need a nice and yummy recipe to spice up a lovely picnic? Why not try salmon cakes? These fish cakes are absolutely perfect with a green salad for a country picnic, a day out at the beach or even as   Read More »

Benefits of relaxation

Today I want to share with you a few tips to lead a calmer, happier and healthier life. As you may already know, stress is the curse of living in modern times, particularly for us women, as we tend to   Read More »

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